travel content marketingFirst, a Confession…

I have a confession to make… I’m a copywriter who doesn’t like writing ads. And, while we’re at it, I’m not a huge fan of reading them either… at least, not the ones that try to “sell” me.

Now that doesn’t mean I can’t make a sale… In fact, I’m a highly skilled strategic marketer and copywriter with a proven track record of ramping up bookings, boosting ROI, and inspiring happy, repeat customers. Everything that I do as a professional copywriter is about making the sale. I’m just not a traditional, ad-writing type of copywriter.

And this isn’t a handicap. To be sure, it’s a strength… one that stands to transform your travel company’s current marketing strategy and booking efforts.

Stories Pack Greater Marketing Punch Than Ads

You see, the Internet is super-saturated with bad ads. (Do I even need to tell you this?)

People are sick of them… They don’t like spam or poorly written websites chock full of repetitious keywords and links, either.

Now this doesn’t mean that people don’t want to buy the travel services that you have to offer. They do! (As a member of your target audience—a seasoned traveler always on the lookout for unique destinations and adrenaline-spiking adventures—I can vouch for this.)

But your prospects may not know it yet, and that, my friend, is why content marketing has revolutionized sales around the world… and remains my go-to strategy for consistent, measurable marketing success.

A Passionate Content Writer & Marketer

I am passionate about writing excellent travel content, the kind of content that engages all of your senses. The kind of content that makes you feel like you’ve already been to a destination. The kind of content that makes you itch to visit a place months or even years before actually arriving. Why?

Because the adventure starts in your customer’s imagination…

travel content marketing

I believe in the power of stories, because I’ve seen them work masterfully time and time again to ramp up my clients’ travel content marketing strategies and invigorate their bookings. My success is your success.

As a freelance travel writer, my article clips focus on family adventure travel, farm-to-table cuisine, and hybrid cultures in California, Florida, and the greater American West.

A Few More Things to Know…

Besides travel writing, I’m an award-winning researcher, author, educator, and musician based in the Western United States. While pursuing a doctoral degree in geography from the University of Nevada, Reno, I examined the unlikely role of a Northern Nevada “ghost town,” Virginia City, in the birth of the 1960s psychedelic esthetic and cultural scene that would take San Francisco by storm in 1967. My work on these “avant-garde, wannabe cowboys” will be featured in the forthcoming book Explorations in Place Attachment by Routledge (February 2018).

Apart from the United States, I’ve traveled extensively across Europe, including a six-week-long backpacking trip from Athens, Greece to Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’ve also lived and worked in Paris and speak and translate French fluently.

Later, in Central America, I traced the history of the ancient peoples of Mexico while traveling to various archaeological sites including: Teotihuacán, Tenochtitlan, Cholula, Monte Alban near Oaxaca, and Zultepac-Tecoaque in Tlaxcala.

When not sifting through the exaggerations and myths of the American West, I’m rock crawling, zip lining, photographing landscapes and wildlife, off-the-grid camping, or climbing mountains.

Contact me today for a free consultation about your current marketing strategies and future business goals and/or article needs or email me: questions@engridbarnett.com.