Harness the Content Marketing Edge for Your Company

Travel content marketing allows you to bring your company’s travel experiences to vibrant life… One story at a time. Sound too good to be true?

Brain research proves it…

When read odor-suggestive words such as “lavender,” the language portions and primary olfactory cortices of Spanish study subjects’ brains were stimulated (2006). And words describing motion elicited similar responses in the motor cortices of French participants. In both cases, their brains actually experienced the words being read…

You see, our brains are programmed to process information through storytelling. Heck, we’ve told stories around the campfire since prehistory. Storytelling is perhaps the most unifying feature of our shared humanity.

In fact, our brains make few distinctions between hearing a story and living it. The result of artful storytelling? An immediate, profound connection… a sense of shared experience.

We become emotionally invested in stories and the places where they happen. Great stories put our whole brains—not just segments—to work.

We feel engaged when we hear a dramatic narrative. And we remember its content longer than any other form of information delivery. We use stories to connect to the world… To find meaning in it. We see ourselves in stories. They become highly personal… a part of who we are.

Are you ready to harness the power of storytelling for your company or publication?