Guide Prospects through the “Customer Journey”

Inspiring a customer to book with your company is a long-term process, not a one-time marketing event. And this process covers everything from researching and writing to strategically listening to your customers online.

Websites and blogs need to be updated regularly. Newsletters should be written consistently, and newsletter articles should adhere to a pre-determined editorial calendar that facilitates the customer journey. Social media and email campaigns need to support this valuable, relevant content—as well as offer more—through promotion via multiple channels.

travel content marketing
That’s right. Social media does NOT come first. And it’s not a magic bullet, either. Social media best engages prospects when it’s taking them somewhere… like the link to an SEO-friendly website with regular blog posts. After all, link clicks account for 92% of all user interaction with tweets (Hubspot).

So, just as your travel company takes customers on the adventure of a lifetime, your social media must lead prospects into your owned content: your blog post, your website, your newsletter… And this content must sweep them along on the customer journey.

Captivate customers with tantalizing glimpses of the places that you can take them. Bring them ever closer to a purchase and your destination.

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