Make a Destination Irresistible to Your Customers and Readers

Stories inspire us to invest. They also drive us to do things that don’t always make logical sense… like travel.

Think about it… Travel’s not logical. It’s not easy. And parts of it are downright uncomfortable. But we do it because we dream of being somewhere else… a place we may have only read about, heard a story about, or watched a TV show about… We do it because the place already exists in our imagination.

Let’s be honest. Who really wants to pack up their worldly belongings? Navigate crowded airports? Sit for hours on cramped planes? And subsist on stale peanuts? Then, deal with jet lag, shuttle buses to hotel rooms, traffic, and a thousand unforeseen complications? (Terror alerts and TSA haven’t helped the matter any.)

Road trips have their charm. But they get old quickly, too… Like after you’ve heard this for the ten thousandth time: Are we there yet????

So, why do we travel by choice at all?

We do it, because we have an unwavering vision of the benefits associated with traveling. We have a crystal-clear picture of a destination in our mind. A destination that we’ve been dreaming about for months… maybe even years.

We know where we want to be, and what we want to do while we’re there. We’ve already anticipated what to see, do, taste, hear, and feel in our imaginations. We already know parts of our story. So, we travel to bring it to life.

We’ve poured over websites bursting with compelling photographs and content. We’ve read engaging travel blogs by writers who draw us headlong into the promise of adventure. We’ve studied evocative newsletters, escaped into detail-rich emails, and flipped through vivid Pinterest or Instagram images.

We’ve also rejected outdated websites, awkward copy, spam emails, and fizzled-out marketing. Although the companies putting out this content may provide great on-site services, a crucial element is lacking. They don’t understand where the adventure actually begins.

Sixty percent of your potential customers wait seven to 12 months to make a buying decision (Chilton Research). So, your travel content marketing efforts must be stunning. Otherwise, your first online impression will be your last.

The adventure starts in your customer’s imagination…

Do your current travel content marketing efforts apply this principle? To drive sales? To inspire customers to make sacrifices, take risks, and spend hard-earned money on your destination?

If not, you’re losing money… loads of it.

What are you waiting for?