Tell Stories that Increase Perceived Value

Stories have the power to change perceived value. Consider recent research completed by the Significant Objects Project, a literary and anthropological study. Researchers wanted to determine whether a great story can affect an object’s perceived value. The findings were shocking…

After purchasing worthless trinkets at thrift stores, researchers asked creative writers to craft stories about each one. Then, they posted the objects (with their stories) on eBay. Amazingly, the trinkets originally purchased for a total of $128.74 raked in a total of $3,612.51—a 2,700% profit!

Travel content marketing with stories keep your company’s brand top of mind for prospects. They inspire emotional connection, excite the imagination, and increase perceived value. If content marketing can transform worthless trinkets into hot commodities, what potential does travel content marketing hold for your company?

Are you interested in learning how to use effective storytelling to ramp up your marketing efforts?