Show Your Customers and Readers the Adventure

Savoring succulent grilled swordfish pulled hours before from the Gulf’s emerald waters… Standing atop a snow-dusted Colorado pass, shoulder-to-shoulder with clouds, on a Jeep tour above 13,000 feet… Photographing herds of tan, white, and black Pronghorns racing in synch at 60 miles per hour across a remote swathe of Nevada desert…

Where does your next customer’s adventure begin?

Long before booking, your customers should be dreaming about the adventures your travel company offers. Their imaginations should be entirely captivated by travel content marketing, or you stand to lose the sale.

You see, consumers visit on average 38 travel company websites before booking according to Expedia. How do you cut through the noise of 38 choices? How do you ensure that your company stands head-and-shoulders above the crowd? The irresistible, must-pick leader in your niche?

Invest in content marketing based on best practices in direct response copywriting and storytelling to bring customers along on your journey. Contact me today to discuss your content marketing needs.