Travel Writer

As a travel writer, I’m passionate about experiencing the world and translating these experiences into detail-rich storytelling that captivates my reader’s imagination and compels them to keep turning the page.

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Cultural Geographer

My educational background is founded in the study of place. As a cultural geographer, I explore tourism as a performative act, conscious of the expectations visitors have and the meaning they bring to destinations.

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Content Marketer

A background in SEO & digital content marketing helps me craft blog posts and content for travel companies that lead to higher Google rankings, lower bounce rates, increased newsletter open rates, and more.

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Writing at the Intersection of Sense of Place and Compelling Storytelling

The human brain is hardwired for storytelling. It’s how we’ve communicated since time immemorial, and it represents a fundamental, inextricable part of how we understand the world and our place in it.

Storytelling is also the best way to engage readers and inspire them to read your magazine, book with your tour company, or choose your destination for their next vacation. I translate sense of place into engaging travel content that will captivate and inspire your target audience to act.

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